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Astrological Tarot Card Spread

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I have been having a lot of fun with the Astrological Tarot card spread. This Tarot card spread uses 12 cards selected from your deck to represent the 12 astrological houses. The astrological houses represent aspect of our lives such as our identity (who we are), career, spirituality, etc. It's a great reading for someone who wants analyze their overall life and to use as a guide for a year or maybe a decade.

I always like to incorporate the client's Sun sign, ascendant sign,

and moon sign for an extra layer to the reading.

I usually place the 12 chosen cards in a circle to resemble a Zodiac mandala with healing crystals in the centre of the circle. Some readers like to lay the cards out in 2 rows of 6 cards or 3 rows of 4 cards. Some readers like to leave the cards face down and turn the cards over as they read for each house. I like to have all the cards face up because to me the cards "speak" to each other while they are laid down in a Tarot spread. However you like to lay out the cards it is important to ask the card a questions while shuffling such as:

  • What challenges do I face this year/decade?

  • What is blocking me in finding love?

  • What are the obstacles that I face in my career?

  • What lessons do I need to learn to have a successful career?

These are just a few suggestions. This is a very extensive reading for sure, but I make sure the cards "hear" questions before any cards are chosen for a reading. When you ask the Tarot a question, it creates an energy and this helps you select the appropriate cards for your reading.

The following table is a list of the card meanings for the Astrological Tarot card spread that I use for my readings.

I have also included a PDF that you can print out to use for reference.

Astrological spread
Download PDF • 559KB

Card Number




1st House

This house represents who you are. Your identity and how you appear to others.


2nd House

This house represents your finances, material possessions, physical resources that you have to work with. This house also represents what you desire and value.


3rd House

The third house is about your early life. Also, communication, thinking (how you operate mentally), short journeys, siblings writings and early life friendships.


4th House

This is your current family life. Children and those you hold dear. It also represents you looking into the past to learn your roots.


5th House

This house is about your creativity and self expression. Romance, affection, children. Artistic expression and how you impress your personality in any area of your life


6th House

Your overall health as in well being (remember: no health diagnosis), service to others i.e. in your daily work. Also, any obstacles to overcome to reaching goals, challenges.


7th House

Marriage, partnerships of any kind i.e. associations. Interpersonal issues. How do you fit in with other people?


8th House

Changes that you have gone through, growth. Lessons that you have learnt and lessons that you need to learn.


9th House

This house is about your higher learning, studies, your religion, philosophy. Long journeys (to other countries). Your philosophical pursuits, possible travel and spritual growth.


10th House

This house represents your public life and success. Leadership, career


11th House

Your goals, your future plans. Friendships and any memberships of groups and how it fits in life. What is your vision for your future?


12th House

​This house represents your inner self and your inner conflicts. Your adversaries and ordeals.

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