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Crystal Sets - A Guide to Gift Giving

If you love crystals as I do, you love giving them as gifts to your friends and family. From crystal bracelets to a set of tumbles for a particular intention or a cluster you think would enhance someone's career path - crystals are an awesome gift idea.

Where to start:

  1. Make your list and check it twice ;)

Crystals are personal gifts that are chosen for a certain intention for your friend. So that means the crystal gift will be an expression of your thoughts and knowledge of your friend. Some friends may find these kinds of gifts too personal so take care of who you choose to give a crystal gift to.

2. Budget

When I start buying crystal tumbles to make a crystal set for each of my friends, I kind of lose it in a crystal shop in that I just fill up my hamper with many different crystals. Have a budget and stick to it! We have crystals in our lives to enhance our energy and as part of our self-care. Part of self-care is taking care of your finances and not giving more than you should according to your income and other financial demands, i.e rent. There is a crystal for every budget.

3. Intention

Before you start buying, what is the intention of the crystal gift? If you have a friend who is looking to change careers, perhaps your crystal gift to this friend will have the intention to help in watching out for opportunities. Citrine and pyrite would help with this intention. If you have another friend who does not like change and takes a long time to make decisions, please do not give them Moldavite. Moldavite is a powerful stone that brings on transformation where it is meant to be and if your friend isn't ready for change then they will think this crystal gift is ruining their life.

4. Rese