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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

My name is Margo Laxon and I have created Margo's Tarot. Margo's Tarot is what I call my handle but it is really me, Margo.

I am a Tarot reader, Reiki Master Healer, Crystal reader, and am certified in Crystal Astrology and Crystal Chakras. For the past 25 years I have practiced and studied Tarot reading. I am mostly self taught but have also taken classes from Toronto's top Tarot and crystal healing experts. I don't ever want to stop learning about Tarot as well as crystal healing, Reiki and astrology.

For this piece I am going to tell you about my Tarot reading practice.

I use Tarot card reading for clarity, not for fortune telling. I always tell people that we have control over our lives. We make our own decisions, choose paths for our careers, relationships, family, home life etc. Sometimes we find it hard to make decisions because we are overwhelmed with worry, too many choices or maybe we can't see the choices we have. This is why we sometimes feel like we have lost control. Seeking clarity gives us some of that control back.

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to seek clarity. By hiring a professional Tarot reader, you can take a little time for yourself to calmly look at your current situation(s). Why are you having a tough time making decisions? What is in your way that making decisions is tough? For some of us, it could be a fear that we didn't realize, or a past influence that has caused a pause in our path to progress. Maybe we aren't sure how we feel about our current situation. A professional Tarot reader uses cards and intuition to look for messages that can help you.

I just started my website I used to give face to face readings but the current pandemic of Covid 19 has made face to face reading impossible for me. So, I am starting an online web business. I want to offer Tarot readings at a reasonable price. Here are examples of the readings I have available on my website:

  • Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: This is a 10 tarot card spread that takes an in depth look at your situation and the life path that you are on. The cards give messages regarding past influences that are affecting your decision making, messages regarding what is blocking your progress and upcoming developments. This involves a discussion as we go through the cards. My hope is that I help you gain clarity and help you engage with your intuition. This is my favourite tarot spread!

  • 3 card readings: You ask 3 questions and each question has a 3 card spread. So, we discuss past influences, current situation and the path you are currently on and then the outcome. If the outcome is not to your liking, we find messages in the cards on how you can change that outcome.

  • 7 card reading: This is similar to the 10 Card Celtic Cross spread; however, it deals with one concrete question. It's a good spread to use if you are stuck on making a decision. It takes about 30 minutes to work through

For each reading I email a picture of your Tarot spread. There is also a package available to purchase that offers a discount. For now bookings are for a half hour.

I plan to have more coming to this website. More options for readings, energy healing, and lessons.

Is Tarot spooky? Oh yes, but in a fun way. I always enjoy when someone's face lights up at a card interpretation with "Wow that is so right". There is one thing that I always make clear to people when I read their cards: My tarot readings are not scary. If anyone gives you a Tarot reading and scares you with curses or death notices or a scary future, please stay clear of them. Scaring people with curses is irresponsible and may be illegal. Scam Alert: When someone says that you are cursed and that you need to pay more to have the curse removed, it's a scam.

Does everyone like the readings I give? I can safely say from feedback most people whom I have read for do like my readings. There are some that are disappointed because perhaps I didn't give them the answers they wanted, but they do know that I read the cards honestly. I don't use tricks or make things up to please clients. The client always has a choice to come back to me or not for another reading.

When you book a time for a reading with me you are purchasing my time and my knowledge knowledge of Tarot to give you a quality reading for your situation so that's why there are no refunds for my reading.

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