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The Ancestor Tarot Spread

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

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There of times when we know we are receiving messages from the ancestors. These messages can come through nature speaking to us, i.e. song from a bird, a chance meeting with a stranger, an item found after it was missing a long time. These messages can be confusing and at times we think we missed part of the message. Other times we just have a feeling that someone or thing is trying to tell us something. Messages can be

  • warnings

  • reassurances i.e. there is someone watching over us

  • information i.e. a pattern is being repeating itself through the generations

There is research about trauma, stress, and other memories that can be stored in our brain

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and passed through generations. What is "bred in the bone" is a saying that comes to mind. Do our prejudges, opinions and beliefs get passed done through the generations? Do our thought patterns get passed down? I think so and I also believe we are sent messages regarding beliefs, things and thoughts we hold true that maybe are not. An ancestor can let us know that perhaps there is more to a family secret or feud than we know.

A tarot reading with the intention of learning from our ancestors is a great way to learn about the messages receive. We can learn from our ancestors. Below is the Ancestor Spread:

  1. How do my ancestors influence my situation?

  2. What memories from my ancestors are passed down to me?

  3. What emotions are passed down from my ancestors that are affecting they way I am dealing with my situation?

  4. What hints/clues are my ancestors giving me about my situation?

  5. Am I using thought patterns that have been passed down?

  6. How these thought patterns no longer serve me or can these patterns help me?

  7. Are there gifts within me that I am unaware of?

  8. What actions/advice can I take from my ancestors? is there a message?

Each of the above questions are related to each other to make this tarot spread a wonderful aid to connect with your ancestors. Our ancestors can be very helpful and using Tarot cards is a great way to ask that very helpful ancestor guide. Before laying out the cards it is very important to set the intention that you only want to reach out to the ancestors.

The above spread is for a questioner that is having tough time emotionally. There is confusion with the questioner about their actions because their relationship is currently rocky. I suggest the Ancestor Spread to find out if there are patterns that they are unaware of. The Four of coins is about stability and things that are concrete such as house, money and family. This card appears reversed so it does indicate the there is a feeling of bad luck. The questioner wonders why he is unable to be happy even though they have enough money. This is a feeling so maybe there are deep seeded feelings of dissatisfaction. Perhaps it has always been taught that success is measured with money only. The next card is the two of coins. This is a card of duality. After having read the first card, perhaps this two of coins is pointing out that the questioner is becoming aware of something that is throwing them off. An example, is another choice that can confuse the path the questioner is taking. Perhaps the questioner is not completely satisfied with just being financially successful. The questioner is being pulled in another direction. As we move down the spread the reversed 7 of cups is pointing out the dissatisfaction. The way we measure our success by money is really a delusion. There are other things about life that are valuable but can't be measured. Perhaps the questioner is having a hard time with this. They thought the riches would be enough but why are they still unsatisfied? Could it be lack of attention or not being appreciated by others? Or relationships have not been nurtured? The reversed Priestess indicated that we have detached ourselves from the people who are important to us. The questioner has a tendency to put off spending time with the one(s) they love. This is a warning that time is running out. The Priestess also indicates a love one wants to share news with the questioner but there is fear in this news. The seven of swords indicates that we must put the work into our communications with those around us. Don't wait for the "perfect time" to take that family trip or to try a new project and to involve the significant other. Sharing your passions with your spouse is important. Do not fear rejection, just try again. Be careful with unwanted advice and those that may interfere with your relationships. And be aware of an unhappy spouse, this is when interference occurs in a relationship. Again, there is a message to nurture your relationships. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you can't control everything. Luck does play a part in the questioners life, but the patterns of neglecting the important things needs to be addressed. The Ace of Swords indicates the determination to achieve and get recognition, but the struggle with their personal happiness does exist and the ancestors are pointing this out. The Four of Swords indicates that talk therapy, marriage counselling and self reflection are advised in understanding the self dissatisfaction the questioner is experiencing. They must understand the words and actions they're using are hurting the area of their life that is unhappy.

When a door closes, another one opens. The questioner must get over trying to out do the last success or the last failure.

Keep going around to get more information.....there's a conversation your ancestors want to have with you😉💫

A reading such as the Ancestor Spread requires at least an hour of the reader and the questioner going over each card. I find going over the spread at least three times helps. We all repeat our patterns and cycles so having the cards in a circle/octagon form helps.

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