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The Emperor - Achieving Balance

L'Empereur from the Lo Scarabeo Marseille tarot -Nicolas Cover Anna Maria Morsucci

The Emperor card is the Marseille tarot's 4th major arcana card. Number 4 resonates with balance and the 4 elements of earth, water, fire and air. Number 4 is where balance is achieved and everything is stable and there is an order to things.

Balance is achieved by work and wisdom. Balance and stability doesn't just happen - it is achieved. This achievement brings respect, authority and power. When things comes into balance, we can visibly see what is in front of us - in other words what we have, whether it's been given to us, inherited or won. We also see what is possible. We are able to set goals. An example of this is career planning, possible business prospects, partnerships that have been merged or united, meetings with bosses or other important people. It can also indicate someone who is able to unite maintain peace in a family.

The Emperor also can represent our abilities and what we are able to achieve. Symbols in the card that represent this:

  • Helmet: shaped like a crown represents the power of nobility and the leader. It also represents that leadership is fought for and the Emperor is a warrior, He will fight for what he believes in.

  • The shield with the eagle emblem: used in the emblems of Roman Empire. The eagle represents intelligence and the ability of planning and seeing what is possible. The shield is on the right of the Emperor and is the opposite position of the shield of the Empress. The Empress holds the shield to the left ready to defend where as the the Emperor's shield is on the right ready to conquer.

  • Orb and scepter: The orb represents the earthly and material achievements and the scepter with the cross represents his power, his moral authority to rule and he can rule with force.

  • His necklace, collar or shawl indicates that the Emperor has control over his emotions on the other hand this could indicate the need to control one's temper.

  • The Belt at the waste points to instinct and does the Emperor always have control over his instinct?

The Emperador from the Spanish Tarot Deck by Lo Scarabeo
  • Position: The Emperor is not quit