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The Moon - Tarot Symbols and Meanings

La Lune -Jean Noblet Marseille Tarot

When you look at the Moon card, what messages do you see? The card recalls the past, what is deep seeded and secret to you. The thoughts we have during the night, in our dreams, and hidden in our subconscious. The card connects us to our water element - the emotions and the feminine energy of receptiveness. We are now able to observe our emotions, thoughts, and past with maturity and interest.

When the Moon card appears in a spread it can indicate:

  • an intuitive person

  • imagination

  • dreams and daydreams

  • memories

  • insecurity

  • moods

  • secrets

  • confusion

  • relationships with a mother or our female side

The eighteenth major arcana card resonates with the number eight. Eight in the tarot symbolises the constant change required to keep a balance between the physical and the spiritual sides of our lives.

La Lune - Marseille Tarot- Nicolas Conver, Anna Maria Morsucci, Mattia Ottolini


  • The moon: is the heavenly body that influences tides. It is most visible at night. The moon resonates with feminine energy. It works like a clock as it regularly controls the tides and menstrual cycle. Repetition of cycles.

  • Tall Reeds of Grass - Growth and the ability to rise above Problems

  • Dogs/wolves: the animals in the card resemble dogs or wolves which can be a warning of danger. It can also represent a conflict. The dog on the left appears higher in the card with its tail up and the dog on the right has its tail down. The left animal appears to be more dominant and the left is the reflective side and represents the past

  • The towers - entry to the subconscious. Take a close look at the towers as one may be brighter than the other. The left tower refers to the past. The space between the towers may represent the fear of an unknown issue.

  • Crayfish - the sign of Cancer which is associated with the moon.

  • The pool of water - emotions, motherhood. One side of the pool of water may be raised. In some Marseille decks, the Moon card has the pool of water raised on the left which refers to the past and how dominant the memories are to the seeker.

  • Yods - Spiritual symbol of being in the presence of the divine. The yod is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

  • Rocky bottom of the card - a reminder to ground ourselves when facing life's difficult times and not to fall into the "dark hole" of negativity.

When the Moon card comes up in the spread, it can be a reminder to us readers that there may be suppressed emotions or memories that may come up during the reading. We must take care to be sensitive and careful. We have mentioned that the card may speak of the relationship the seeker has with their mother or painful memories that are still on the mind of the seeker. These memories and the need for motherly love can play influence the seeker's choices. Overall the past plays an important role in the seeker's life.

Other symbols you can find in the Rider Waite for the Moon card:

The Moon - Rider Waite Tarot

  • Dog and wolf- an expression of fears. A dog is a symbol of a loyal friend.

  • Lobster - a symbol of intuition

  • Moon- natural cycles

  • Pathway - "the road of life"; a journey or a new chosen path

  • Rocks - a solid foundation and a reminder of the seeker's strengths

The image of the card can be disturbing to some seekers when this card shows up in a reading. The moon can invoke ideas of madness, darkness, and wild tendencies. This is one of the many reasons tarot teachers encourage sensitivity when reading this card. Also, this card can refer to issues with a mother/child relationship, issues with female relationships, depression, and anxiety so it is important to be careful and make sure the seeker does not feel judged. the advice from the card is that past issues can weigh heavily on the mind and the seeker may want to find out why these issues are coming up for them. No matter what the struggle is, the light that the moon reflects can lighten the path for a seeker. There are reminders in the card that the seeker can rely on their intuition and that they are in the presence of the divine. When the fear and confusion becomes great, the divine is present to help you along your path.

Reading the Moon:

When the question is about relationships, this card can indicate a time in a relationship that may have become complicated.

Reading the Moon card :

When the question is about relationships, this card can indicate that there is some confusion about the relationship. Perhaps the seeker is giving (or receiving) mixed signals from (or to) their partner. This could be because there are insecurities and fear about relationships in general. The seeker should take their time and not rush things in the relationship. Be careful about challenging your partner with arguments or assumptions. This card can also indicate that this is not a good time to quickly start a new relationship or quickly end one. Take your time. When the Moon card appears reversed it can indicate a really emotional time in a relationship. Create some distance between you and your partner so that you can take care of your emotions. Remember why you love this person and if you have to fight, fight fair. This is really not a good time to start or end a relationship unless you are sure, so take your time and take of yourself.

La Lune - Marseille Tarot - Dark Forest

When the question is about finances, the Moon card indicates that you should not rush into making business decisions. You have not gathered enough information to make an informed decision. Take more time and do not let anyone talk you into a decision. Trust your intuition. When this card appears reversed, it means that you do not have all the information you need for your decision. before you sign any contracts or make any agreements, it would be best to get some expert advice. Take the time to make sure that you and those around you are clear about all the aspects of the business decision.

When the question is about career, the Moon card can indicate a time of stress in the workplace for you. Patience and self-awareness are required. Before you make any assumptions about colleagues and/or projects make sure you have all your facts and ask questions. When you ask questions, do so with consideration and with no judgment. When the Moon card is reversed, this may indicate a time that you are making some unfair assumptions about the people you work with and the employer. Take some time and gather your information. Now is not a good time to quit a job unless you get a better position.

The Moon - Visconti Tarot

When the question is about health the Moon card indicates that you may need to view all options regarding your health issues. if you received a diagnosis that doesn't seem right to you, listen to your intuition - ask questions, and get a second opinion. Your intuition tells you that there are habits that you need to give up. Now is the time to let go of habits that affect your health like alcohol and smoking. If the card appears reversed, it is a good time to give yourself the time to work on your self-care. Listen to your body and intuition to find out what you need. This is a good time to use energy healing modalities for self-care, a good time to read, and a good time to work on your spirituality. It is also prudent to make sure your physical health is good. Never dismiss a medical physician's advice, but always remember that you are your best advocate. If there is something that you need to make your health better, speak up!

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