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The Sun XVIIII - Meanings, Symbols and How to Read The Sun Card in A Tarot Reading

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Le Soleil Marseille Tarot from Lo Scarabeo- Nicolas  Cover, Anna Maria  Morsucci, Mattia Ottolini
Le Soleil Marseille Tarot from Lo Scarabeo- Nicolas Cover, Anna Maria Morsucci, Mattia Ottolini

The nineteenth card of the major arcana is The Sun or Le Soliel

It seems natural that the Sun XVIIII follows the Moon XVIII in the major arcana. Where there is darkness there is the light that follows. The Moon gave us the female energy of receptiveness and now we are graced with the male energy of activeness. The Sun faces us illuminating everything that is in front of us to deal with. The two innocent human-like figures appear to support each other. The reader and the seeker feel the warmth of the card. This card as with the other major arcana card in the Tarot comes with symbols and meanings.

The Sun resonates with the number nine energy in Tarot. Nine is known in Tarot as a number where we experience illumination. The Hermit VIIII has his lamp to light the journey. The Sun has the light shining on the truths, meeting with like-minded people. and coming to solutions together in harmony or unison. The number nine is also a symbol of perfection in that things fall into place. Nine is a product of perfect multiplication i.e. 3 x 3. Where 3 means a solution or meeting point or birth (e.g.child or project), three times three is illumination, a threshold to something bigger. With the lessons gained along our journey, we have the experience and wisdom to see the truths of a situation.

Le Soleil - Marseille Tarot by the Dark Forest
Le Soleil - Marseille Tarot by the Dark Forest

The Sun XVIIII - Meanings and Symbols:

  • The Sun- the powerful star that is life-giving, but can also burn and destroy. The Sun shines light to illuminate truths and is powerful to defeat the darkness we felt before we gained our wisdom and experience. The Sun represents male energy that is active. We now have the ability to take action and make things happen in the real world. In France at the time of the early Marseilles publications, the Sun represented the King. King is the affluent father of the nation.

  • Yods- the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and in astrology the yod signifies a pattern in your family for generations. It can also represent a problem or mystery. When they appear, their light or divine power shines on all your problems. These mysteries or problems are now not as scary or difficult as they were before.

  • The Wall - the wall can symbolise building. We are beginning to build a new future. It can also mean a barrier coming down or a barrier present in a situation. Some readers interpret this as a foundation of a tower that has come down.

  • The two human-like figures- are friends cooperating and supporting each other. Their childlike manner can also symbolise innocence and purity. The arm of one of the figures on the shoulder of the other symbolises optimism, imagination, and friendship. The child-like figures can also signify immaturity and the need to grow up.

Symbols in the Rider Waite Sun:

The Sun - Rider Waite= Meanings and Symbols
The Sun - Rider Waite

  • Sun- life, birth, rebirth. The sun's position is high indicating lots of energy and new beginnings

  • The Flag - a call to summon support and solidarity. Also a symbol of development or a message.

  • The wall - barrier to negativity. the lesson of healthy boundaries. On the other hand, it can represent shutting out or ignoring problems.

  • Child figure - hope for the future

  • Horse- action. The horse symbolises the male active energy. Moving forward and developing.

  • Sunflowers - happiness and on the other hand a reminder to look at the brighter side of life

  • Yellow leaves- friendship, cooperation

How to Read The Sun Card in A Tarot Reading

The Sun card indicates openness and the ability to expose truths, as well as the need to set limits or boundaries. It can also mean a style of leadership where there is openness but also managing with limits/boundaries that are based on trust, easygoingness, and reasonable. The nudity with the exception of the loincloth of the figures (Marseilles Tarot) can represent no hidden danger, trust in co-workers, neighbors, family, and any close relationship that is the subject of the reading.

Le Soleil - Marseille Tarot Jean Noblet
Le Soleil - Marseille Tarot Jean Noblet

The figure with the small tail may speak of someone that is in need of guidance and is still searching for their purpose. The figure on the right has the leadership to help those in need.

The collars on both figures may relate to the figures that appear in the Devil XV who have grown and are more enlightened. As Yoav Ben-Dov mentions in his The Marseille Tarot Revealed this can also represent the dark shadow of our personality: The figures in the Devil XV being the dark aspect of ourselves and the figures on The Sun XVIIII being our light side.

When reading the Sun XVIIII:

When the question is about relationships, the upright position of the card indicates a warm and trusting relationship. This relationship has the potential for lasting long-term as long as both partners grow together and understand each other's limits and boundaries. This card can also indicate cooperation within the relations and the stage of the relationship that has developed where both partners have equal respect and trust. There is the message that at certain times one partner needs to be the leader in a situation and this is alright as long as the other partner takes a lead in other aspects of the relationship. If the seeker is looking for love, this is a great time to be open to a new relationship. This card indicates that love is very close to the seeker. When this card is reversed boundaries may be an issue in the relationship. One partner may be too dependent on the other. It can also indicate immaturity and that the relationship has become too intense in the sexual aspect of the relationship. Also, this card in reverse can note that there may be sexual repression within the relationship. If the seeker is looking for a relationship, the message is to make sure you choose worthy or appropriate partners. The seeker is warned to be careful of the potential partner that appeals to their immediate gratification.

Il Sole - Visconti Tarot
Il Sole - Visconti Tarot

When the question is about career, The upright Sun card indicates advancement as long as you keep your pride in check. Let others share in the glory. Do not overestimate yourself. This is a good time for some self-awareness and reflection. Show appreciation for your teammates and let them know your gratitude towards them. This is also a great way to show your leadership style. This card can also indicate a boss has a trusting leadership style and appreciates their employees. If you are looking for a job, this card lets you know there are good prospects on the horizon. When this card is reversed, this indicates that if you are looking for a job the prospects are great, Keep in mind that this is an opportunity to brush up on your negotiating skills. The reversed Sun indicates opportunities but the opportunities may not be as great as if the card appeared upright. The reversed position of the card indicates that you may not be giving credit where credit is due if you are the boss or a team leader. Remind yourself to show appreciation.

When the question is about finances, the upright Sun card indicates a good time with issues dealing with money. People who owe you will be better at paying you. Any negotiations that have to do with money will also go well. If you are waiting on a decision about a loan, the news will be favourable. If you do come into money, this is a time to put some away in savings. Don't spend it all so quickly. If the Sun card appears reversed, there is an indication that has not provided all the information required if you are waiting for that loan to be approved. This is also a warning that if have received any money you are not being wise with it. Put some away for savings and spend wisely.

When the question is about health matters, this is a great time for spirituality. You are so open to positive energy. You feel optimistic and the things that were bothering you before, you now see in a bright new light. Truths to matters that were once a burden are now visible to you. When the Sun card is reversed things are better for you. Take some time to reflect on what went right and continue with that. Remind yourself that a positive outlook is good for your physical and mental health.

Keywords: truth, happiness, love, friendship, cooperation, joy, immaturity, development, leadership, barrier, boundaries, dependence

The Sun XVIIII - Meanings, Symbols and How to Read The Sun Card in A Tarot Reading by M.Laxon


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