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Throat Chakra: Centre of Our Communication

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Our fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra. It's located at the base of the throat and at the centre of our larynx. In Sanskrit. it's Vishuddha- this is where our self expression, our ability to communicate and speak our truth is located. The qualities associated with our throat chakra is the willingness to communicate truthfully, with integrity and creativity. Also, listening to others with integrity.

When our prana, the life force energy, is balanced and moving freely through our throat chakra we are able to communicate our ideas, emotions, beliefs with freedom through verbal communication and writing with honesty and integrity. We share our personal truth to the world with freedom and without fear. We actively listen to others express their personal truths without fear. We don't feel the need to push our personal beliefs and truths on others. So, we allow others to freely express themselves without fear.

When our prana, that vital life force, is not flowing through our throat chakra, because either there is too much (stagnant) or too little (blocked), we can be affected physically and emotionally in the following ways:

  • hyperactivity

  • highly critical of self (negative self expression) and others

  • over opinionated and disrespectful of others

  • difficulty in articulating thoughts and ides

  • fear of speaking in public (anxiety)

  • fear of speaking the truth

  • outbursts of emotions