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Throat Chakra: Centre of Our Communication

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Our fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra. It's located at the base of the throat and at the centre of our larynx. In Sanskrit. it's Vishuddha- this is where our self expression, our ability to communicate and speak our truth is located. The qualities associated with our throat chakra is the willingness to communicate truthfully, with integrity and creativity. Also, listening to others with integrity.

When our prana, the life force energy, is balanced and moving freely through our throat chakra we are able to communicate our ideas, emotions, beliefs with freedom through verbal communication and writing with honesty and integrity. We share our personal truth to the world with freedom and without fear. We actively listen to others express their personal truths without fear. We don't feel the need to push our personal beliefs and truths on others. So, we allow others to freely express themselves without fear.

When our prana, that vital life force, is not flowing through our throat chakra, because either there is too much (stagnant) or too little (blocked), we can be affected physically and emotionally in the following ways:

  • hyperactivity

  • highly critical of self (negative self expression) and others

  • over opinionated and disrespectful of others

  • difficulty in articulating thoughts and ides

  • fear of speaking in public (anxiety)

  • fear of speaking the truth

  • outbursts of emotions

  • or cowardice-unwillingness to speak

  • physical signs-chronic sore throat, laryngitis, gum and teeth problems, hypo or hyper thyroid, stiff neck, ear and sinus infections, asthma and bronchitis

To help balance our throat chakra so that we can have ease of self expression it is important to practice healthy eating, activities and self-care to keep us balanced: meaning to bring our physical body, our mind and spirit in alignment.

Foods that nourish the Throat Chakra:

  • Water

  • Fruit juices

  • Herbal Teas such as peppermint, cinnamon and elderberry

  • Melons

  • Sea plants

  • Figs

  • blue berries

  • currents

  • bone broth

  • honey to sooth a sore throat

  • Herbs such as lemongrass, peppermint, and, chamomile

Activities to help open and balance the throat chakra:

  • Yoga moves prana through each of our chakras. Practice yoga asanas daily.

  • Singing or humming which doesn't have to be performed in front of others. You can sing to yourself. Vibrations created from singing and humming help open the throat chakra

  • Sound healing

  • Expressive arts: theatre, dance, public speaking

  • Tai chi

  • Wear more blue and work with the colour blue. Bring blue flowers into your home and workspace, examples: hyacinths, bluebells and cornflowers

  • journaling

  • creative writing

  • prayer

  • meditation

  • silence

  • documenting events (bearing witness to events)

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy:

  • Sage

  • Hyssop

  • Geranium

  • Lemongrass

  • Eucalyptus

There are several rituals to bring balance to our throat chakra:

  • Practice active listening to others. Don't think of what to say next in a conversation while listening to other's speak.

  • Spend some time each day in silence (includes turning off devices). This gives the throat chakra a rest.

Spend some time each day to meditate with healing crystals that resonate with the throat chakra: (Amazonite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Aquamarine, sodalite (and other blue crystals shown below).

  • Each day write in a journal your thoughts and feelings about the days' events. This is very helpful for those who have trouble expressing their feelings.

Practice the following affirmations:

  • I speak with clarity about what I need and want with ease

  • I live truthfully. I speak my truth with clarity and kindness. I do not force my truths onto others

  • I listen to others when they speak their truth

  • I share my truths with others

  • I allow myself to rest in silence

  • I trust the messages I receive from the guardian angels and the universe

Tarot reading for the Throat Chakra:

Knight of swords

Reversed 10 of swords

Reversed Hermit

Question: what can I do now to nourish and open my throat chakra?

The current situation is indicated by the reversed 10 of swords. The number 10 can denote completion or the maximum height/limit of the energy in the current situation. You have reached your limit in dealing with battles and clashes with others. Reaching this limit has led you to isolation and the feeling of being defeated. There is difficulty in expressing your truths and you feel that others are not willing to listen to your truths. So, you have the feeling of being "attacked". The Hermit looks away from the situation needing to take time to reflect on things that led you to this situation. It is possible that you are avoiding the situation by not listening to others' truths that you may need to hear. Currently, the situation is a lot to bear and some time spent in silence maybe beneficial. Use this time to examine your emotions and feelings. In order to be able to have others listen to you, you must be able to express yourself clearly and truthfully. Journal writing will help with this and seeing your thoughts in writing will help you to express your own truth. Not being able to express your truth can lead to impulsive and explosive speech and actions. It can also cause you to hesitate on acting on your true desires. Pay attention to those hesitations and, also, to those times you feel the impulse too speak or act. Practice active listening to others truths because there may be something you need to hear.


The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercer. Published by: Sterling New York, 2019 by Ralitza Alexandrov,C.H.N.C. December 10, 2018


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