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To be Grounded

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Chakra Diary – More on the Root Chakra

To be grounded means to be stable, sensible, balanced and know what your needs are i.e. (food, shelter)

We have enough to fill our primal needs of water, shelter, and food.

We also feel safe in our environment so we can ask for help when we need it An example: a child can ask for more food, or if we see a crime, we know we can call the public authorities for help. When the weather is cold, we have a place to go for warmth. We are also hopeful, share with others, patient with our children and are generally healthy. When we have these basic needs met, we are stable. When we are stable, we are secure enough to recognize when we must adapt to change. We are grounded.

To be grounded we need to open our root chakra and allow the vital life force of prana to move back and forth through our root chakra.


The chakras hold prana, the life current that is that subtle force or vital force that gives life to breath and movement. When our chakras are blocked, prana can not flow freely through our bodies. We either have too much energy or too little and our bodies’ health will feel the ill affects.

Foods to open our root chakra:

· Root vegetables: carrots, parsnips, garlic, onions

· Red foods: beets, strawberries, radishes, tomatoes

· Protein: red meats such as beef, lamb

· Nonmeat protein: tofu, lentils, nuts

Herbs and spices to open our root chakra:

· Cloves

· Dandelion

· Hot Paprika

· Horseradish

· Pepper

· Chives

Exercises to open our root chakra:

· Yoga

· Any movement to make the legs move

Music to open up our root chakra :

· Drumming

· 396Hz low frequency

· C Note


· Cedarwood

· Frankincense

· Patchouli

· Sandalwood

Root Chakra questions for Tarot :4 cards

Sample Spread:

Is my Root chakra balanced?

The Fool: There is freedom from convention and expectations, but you still carry a heavy burden of the past. The dog nipping at the Fool indicates the unfinished business of past hurts and habits, and the struggle to break free from them. However, the Fool is travelling to the right to indicate a progress and hopefulness. This card also indicates that you are not quite sure of your place in the community. Do you fit in? You feel free from the worries of conformity and being the "oddball" is okay with you.

10 of Swords: Being someone who is comfortable in your own skin has made others feel threatened. This in turn has caused clashes with others. It's been exhausting trying to explain yourself. Being different is tiring so making allies who have similar interest as yours will be best for you.

Death: The base of the spine of the skeleton in the Death Card represents the root. It is the colour of red. Red is associated with our root chakra. We need to release unhealthy bonds that hold us back such as unhealthy friendships and re-establish boundaries with familiar relationships that are toxic. This is difficult but it will make the progress to a healthy you possible. This card also indicates how well you can adapt to change. Since the Fool relates to how free you are to conformity, you really see the true nature in those around you and you know how short and precious life is. You are willing to do what it takes to do the things that matter, be with the people who are important (children, partner/spouse) and work on projects that have a valuable impact. This transformation is really a rebirth, difficult, but necessary to overcome difficulties you have faced as indicated in the 10 of Swords.

Queen of Wands: After all the confrontations and changes you have grown to be someone who is creative, cooperative, caring and is nurturing. You keep a tight grip on your what you consider your sacred space: your home. You have also become strong and those around you know that you aren't one to be messed with. However, there are still emotional blocks that you are holding on to.

On your path of self discovery, you will progress to a more stable and secure place. You will also give and contribute to your community while maintaining your own uniqueness. How secure you will feel depends on how much time you give to healing from the past trials.


I am safe and I am guided

With every breath I am able to release my fears

I am able to release bad habits

With every breath, I release negative emotions

I feel the connection to Mother Earth

Crystals for grounding:

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