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About Me

My name is Margo Laxon and welcome to my website.

For about 27 years I have been reading and studying  Tarot cards. About 7 years ago I left an office in Finance Administration to pursue a new path for myself.  I returned to my love of Tarot reading and energy healing and knew this path was the right one for me.  I ended up taking classes to enhance my knowledge of Tarot and crystals and added Reiki Healing to my repertoire. That's how Margo's Tarot website was started and now I have created this website for you.

To me, Tarot reading is an amazing way to calmly analyze a current situation whether it's a problem, conflict or just to analyse options.  A lot of times people feel stressed because they can't clearly focus on an issue/situation that they need to deal with.  With so many distractions such as busy schedules, errands, work, phone calls, texts, etc., it's hard to think clearly about situations that need decisions or focus.

A professional Tarot reading is a time that you book with a professional Tarot interpreter who guides you to focus on your situation through the use of Tarot cards.  Using intuition, numerology, and astrology with  Tarot, we can examine what is really happening in your situation and the obstacles you are facing.   

Please know that a professional Tarot reading is not a Counselling Service.  Tarot is a tool used to seek clarity so you can concentrate on your situation. Do you need to make a decision?  Not sure what the pros and cons are for a decision? Do you feel stuck in your routine? Tarot helps expose what is blocking you from progress.  Want to connect to your spirit guides?  A Tarot reading can help you.


Here are some testimonials from previous readings:

"I found the tarot card reading very informative and to the point. This was exactly what I needed to find clarity on decisions and peace of mind in knowing I am on the right path. Margo came
to the meeting with a wealth of knowledge and had done an extensive amount of work on collecting information about my astrological signs and how they would help and/or enhance my
readings and inform me of my tendencies to look out for. At the end of the session, Margo also included some suggestions on stones and crystals that would be beneficial in helping me with
different aspects of my life. Sometimes it's hard to recognize what’s right in front of us, and without diving into my personal life, Margo was able to give solid advice and guidance through reading the cards with such clarity. I highly recommend her services for a professional and informative experience." Laurie R., Toronto, Ontario

"I was very excited to have my 1st ever reading done by you!! Your energy was so inviting and warm to me!! I was completely blown away at the accuracy of the reading to the point I had goosebumps and nearly cried happy tears several times getting confirmation that I am on a good path for my life!! I deeply appreciate your time and skills!! I highly recommend your services!!" Jazzi B Ohio, U.S.A.

"Thank-you so much for the amazing reading. It was awesome and brought me a lot of clarity on different things. 

You also made me think of things that I wasn't even aware of till you mentioned it. So many things were right on and will help me to move forward with the things I was hesitating. I am also excited to check out the crystals you mentioned that will benefit me.

Thank-you again for a great reading. I will be telling my friends about you. "Nancy B. Halifax, N.S.

"Fun, insightful and caring are the words that come to mind when thinking about my tarot reading by Margo. I was hesitant to take the step, however Margo's gentle and caring  demeanor quickly put me at ease. Her insights were right on point with the events and concerns in my life. Her guidance and wise words are appreciated and I enjoy re-reading her report. 

Thank you Margo! " Elaine R. Milford Bay, Ontario


Options for online Tarot readings can be held using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.  

In-person 1 hour reading available 

Margo laxon is an accredited therapist with the IPHM
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