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Calming the Thinking Swirl with A Crystal Grid

I love crystal grids. I use them to help me create and meditate on intentions. Every grid comes from an intention. My intention could be plan, a prayer for someone or to seek guidance on an issue or situation. Sometimes a grid is inspired by my need for quiet and stillness. This latest grid was made to help calm racing thoughts and the need to think with clarity.

I heard the term thought swirl recently and it really resonated with me. For instance: have you started to empty the dishwasher then suddenly stop to to write a really cool social media post because all of a sudden you were inspired and had to share? Then your thought is interrupted because within your peripheral vision you noticed your cat doing a cute pose and quickly grab your phone to take a picture. Isn't it funny how we say "grab our phone to take a picture" and not "grab our camera"? Yep that's my thought swirl.

Crystal grid for meditation: Calm and stillness
Meditation grid to calm the thought swirls: amethyst cluster, amethyst points, tree agate, selenite rods and clear quartz tumbles

Most thought swirls are distracting and keep us from completing our tasks and they can also keep us from focusing on our goals and intentions.

So here is my crystal grid to cleanse those thought swirls:

Amethyst Cluster: the seek clarity, peace and to quiet noisy static that is created by overthinking. It also seeks protection from psychic attacks and the anxiety of racing thoughts. The cluster form sends the intentions in all directions out to the universe.

Amethyst points: for the same healing benefits as the cluster and helps point the intentions through my space.

I feel healing energy of the amethyst filling my space as well as reaching beyond into the universe to seek clarity and calmness. Amethysts corresponds to the third eye chakra (seeking clarity, self awareness, balance)

Tree Agate: corresponds to the heart chakra which bridges our physical matters such as safety and security to our spiritual matters. Our heart chakra can be blocked by emotional pain and bad memories that can contribute to overthinking and racing thoughts. Tree agate is a calming green in colour that resembles the calming green in trees and nature. It's healing in that it aids in bringing harmony to the heart chakra. When over analyzing and second guessing our abilities over takes us, the soft energy of the tree agate helps us to believe in ourselves again.

Selenite rods: Promotes peace, calm and wellness and clarity. I used these selenite rods in my grid because of the cleansing power selenite has. It cleans out any negative energy from a crystal or room. In this grid, I used it to keep static vibes away.

Clear Quartz Tumbles: clear quartz is the master crystal. It amplifies, charges other crystals. I like the tumbles because it's energetic charge is a little softer than a point or cluster.

Other aids for my mediation grid:

  • a plant for it's oxygen release and soothing green.

  • a candle for a focal point for concentration


  • I seek clarity and I am focused

  • I am aware of my abilities and believe in my intentions


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