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Up Your Vibe Crystal Grid - Focus on Intentions

Practicing energy healing must always include intentions. Whatever healing work I am doing or whatever energy modality I use, I first work on my intentions. Defining what your intention is sometimes difficult, so I turn to crystal grid making. There is something about choosing the crystals to work with and and laying out a pattern to help you focus on your intentions. Crystals hold wonderful healing energies including bringing your thoughts and ideas into completion as well as replacing old, stagnant, heavy energy with light and positive energy.

Today I want to work on my intuition, raising my awareness, planning and removing any negativity that blocks creativity. I also want to work on completing projects that were started more than a few seasons ago.

I chose these crystals:

  • Clear quartz: The master crystal. It amplifies the power of other crystals. It's also a "seeker" crystal. Using the the generator shape at the centre of the grid directs my intentions out to the universe. This crystal corresponds to the Crown Chakra. Clear quartz tumbles are used to help amplify the energy of the other crystals in the grid.

  • Apophyllite: A very high vibrational crystal. It help us connect to our guardian angels and spirit guides. It corresponds to the brow (or third eye) chakra and the crown chakra and helps open these chakras. It clears negative energy allowing you to have more concentration and focus. It helps clear the effects of stress and anxiety.

  • Selenite: My go to crystal to just clean the room and auras of any negativity. It helps clear out "static" and this allows energy to move freely. It is calming and peaceful.

  • Amethyst: this crystal has many uses but for this grid I use it to help protect against negative thoughts and bad habits. I use the amethyst points to direct my intentions out to seek protection from psychic attacks. Amethyst is also calming and a wonderful aid for insomnia sufferers.

Some find apophyllite vibration very strong and think it shouldn't be used with the clear quartz because of it amplifying qualities and will make it vibrationally too strong. I respectfully disagree, I feel clear quartz brings out the best in the apophyllite.

Before you use your crystals in any work, clear them of any negative energy that they may have absorbed. Clearing or "cleansing" crystals helps them work their best for you. I most often use a singing bowl to clear any stagnate or bad energy.

Other aids:

  • Candle for mediation and burning incense to help bring my intentions and prayers to the universe.

Laying out your grid: I use simple geometric patterns for my crystal grid and while I lay out my crystal, I think about my intentions. Once the grid is laid it becomes a beautiful reminder of your intentions and what you want to achieve,


  • I can let go of the past

  • I am open to my inner self and my spirit guides

  • I am aware of truth and I am at peace with who I am

  • I think the best in others and myself

  • I am aware of God and the universe


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