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The Death Tarot Card - Meanings and Symbols

Tarot Marseilles - Conver Ben-Dov

The thirteenth card of the major arcana Tarot is usually unnamed. This is the Death major arcana. This card indicates a transformation of some kind or a revolutionary change, It is also a recognition of a change within ourselves, for instance: an immature adult moving out of their parent's home and finally becoming responsible for themselves. It can be a recognition that a way of life no longer works for us. The Death card can be indicating a spiritual transformation is occurring in that we no longer need to hold on to material riches and feel fulfilled by serving others or a cause. The Death card may also indicate an acknowledgment of the Divine and the need to make more room for spiritual growth.

The number 13 corresponds to the vibration of three in the Tarot where we are facing opposing or conflicting forces. We are forced to confront these forces (thoughts, lifestyle choices, relationships, habits, etc.), and we realise we can not continue on the same path. A transformation is about to take place. This sounds wonderful when we explain the card to our clients during a reading, but why do the images conjure up fear? Perhaps it's because change itself is scary, but maybe these images meant something different a long time ago. In the middle ages, the skeleton was a symbol of rebirth and that our life here on earth was to prepare for our eternal life in the afterworld. Perhaps there are warnings or things to look out for when life is taking us on a different path. Perhaps that change involves a career that requires more development of skills. Or that relationship will not survive a newfound love for the divine.

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