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Judgement XX- Tarot Meanings and Symbols -How To Read The Judgement Card

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Judgement card from the Marseilles Tarot by Jean Noblet
Judgement card from the Marseilles Tarot by Jean Noblet

The twentieth card in the major arcana is Judgement. This card makes its appearance after The XVIII Moon where we take time to reflect and examine our inner thoughts to understand why we do the things we do. We allow ourselves to look into how dreams and memories. When the XVIIII The Sun appears we have finished the examination of our inner selves and begin construction, we start to make changes and do better. We have connected the left element of our reflective energy with the right element of our active energy. We make these changes and along the way, we become awakened to new beginnings and that is when we meet XX Judgement. The Judgement card indicates a renewal. The old thought forms that we held so dear no longer hold true for us. We make new realizations.

Judgement from the Conver Ben-Dov Marseille Tarot
Judgement from the Conver Ben-Dov Marseille Tarot

The Judgement card indicates a time that:

  • old habits that no longer serve us are released

  • we have discovered a new passion/vocation to follow

  • we begin healthier habits and change lifestyles

Judgement Card from the Rider Waite
Judgement Card from the Rider Waite

The Judgement card resonates with the number 10. Then number 10 in Tarot can indicate:

  • rebirth

  • awakening, spiritual transformation

  • a secret revealed

  • renewal

  • release

  • freedom

The number 10 is also a symbol of power, completeness, and knowledge and in Pythagoreanism, 10 was symbolised by the Tetractys or tetrad which represents the four elements of water, air, fire and earth. It also serves to describe space:

Pythagorean Tretractys
Pythagorean Tretractys

  • the first row represents zero dimension by a single point

  • the second row represents one dimension by a point meeting another point to form a line

  • the third row represents two dimensions where a triangle is formed

  • the fourth row represents three dimensions to form a tetrahedron

Judgement XX- Tarot Meanings and Symbols:

  • The Sun - Light over darkness, illumination. The Sun is life-giving and the most powerful star in our sky. It represents the male energy of action. Although the Sun is life-giving it can also burn and destroy

  • The Yods- the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and in astrology the yod signifies a pattern in your family for generations. It can also represent a problem or mystery. When they appear, their light or divine power shines on all your problems. These mysteries or problems are now not as scary or difficult as they were before.

  • Angel- the angel opens up the sky over the earth to allow light to shine. Angels are messengers. Their messages are inspirational in a reading. These inspirational messages are of higher thought The wings of the angel represent support and protection.

  • The Trumpet- the angel sounds a trumpet of good news and inspiration. Something is happening or about to happen in the querent's life that is profound,

  • The Flag- the flag is an indication of good news. It can be a proclamation of a change or shifts in the seeker's journey. There is transformation.

  • The Feathers -Communication. The feathers around the angel and parting clouds indicate the air element and communication. The seeker should be and will be attuned

Judgement from the Rider Waite Vintage Tarot
Judgement from the Rider Waite Vintage Tarot

to more spiritual messages.

  • The Coffin- resurrection, rebirth, transformation. It can also mean that we can no longer ignore messages and that we must pay attention to what is happening around us. It can also remind the seeker to get out of stubborn mindsets that have been holding them back from moving forward.

  • The Human Figures- The three human figures indicate that the mind, body and soul act as one and are becoming aligned. The human figures also represent the family. This card can indicate there is healing or the need for healing in the relationship regarding family. It can also indicate to the seeker that healing from childhood trauma is supported by family.

  • Nudity- the nude figures indicate a secret exposed. This card can indicate fame, public knowledge or warnings of defamation.

  • The Centre figure- can represent a child for a couple and can indicate the birth of a child, project or idea. Because the face is hidden, the outcome of the new "birth" is unknown.

  • Hills (in the background) indicate obstacles that must be encountered by the seeker.

How to read the Judgement Card

In a reading when the Judgement card appears, the seeker may think this card indicates that they are being judged, but the card shows a more optimistic image in that there is no sword or scales and the figures that are resurrected seem joyous. Maybe our judgements are not always accurate. The card is a time for a reveal of a truth. We may have been stuck in a thought form that no longer serves us and now we are aware of it. Things in our life may have more meaning and we feel enlightened and awakened and maybe there is an "Aha" moment.

Judgement from the Rider Waite Vintage Tarot
Judgement - Morgan Greer Tarot

When the reading is about relationships, The Judgement card lets us know what the truth is whether it is good or bad. If there has been a secret or a revelation about the relationship, it makes its appearance in a very noticeable way and we can no longer just go along to get along. Sometimes a love is renewed and the relationship grows in a different way, for example: when a wife has suffered an illness and it brings out the compassion of her husband to take care of her. The wife sees a part of her husband that she has never seen before and her love for him grows. On the other hand, if the husband leaves his wife because he can not handle her illness, the wife learns that her husband's love for her wasn't as strong as she once thought. In family relationships, this card can indicate a secret or mystery that has been revealed. This can be good or bad, but once revealed, the family's relationship has been changed forever. In looking for love, this card is generally a good indicator that there will be success, just be careful not to be too harsh in decisions regarding the other person. In a reversed card situation, the Judgement card is very similar to the upright meanings but the messages come with a warning to be careful about making harsh judgements and making hasty decisions.

When there is a question about a career in a reading, you will be noticed. All your hard work will be awarded. However, if you have not really been putting in an effort at work, now is the time to elevate your efforts because you are being watched. The Judgement card can also reveal that there is a talent that the seeker has just discovered or will discover. This may indicate a career change that is more meaningful to the seeker. A reversed Judgement card will indicate that changes in the job are likely to happen and if the seeker wants to keep their job then they better elevate their efforts and take on more tasks. If there is a job loss, then it is meant to be. The seeker will move on to a better situation.

When the question is about finances, the Judgement card indicates that money, project and

Judgement - Mythic Tarot
Judgement - Mythic Tarot

contracts will appear in the seeker's life soon. There is a warning not to cut corners to get more money and contracts. Continue to work with honesty and quality because is what brings and keeps customers. In a reversed card situation, the seeker is having a struggle with cash flow and frustration with money in general. It is time to look for new ways to make money that the seeker hasn't thought of yet. A new avenue of income may be revealed to the seeker soon after a time of frustration. Message; don't make rash decisions.

When the question is about health, the Judgement card reveals that it is time to leave the past behind and that the seeker is ready to do this and move forward. The seeker understands that whatever harm has been done to them by others is not the seeker's fault. This card whether upright or reversed suggests this is a time for healing and to accept what is good for them. A reversed Judgement card indicates that it is time for the seeker to forgive themselves of past mistakes when it comes to their health. there is an opportunity to heal.

Keywords: rebirth, resurrection, revelation, moving forward, awakening, transformation, learning from mistakes, truths, secrets

Judgement XX- Tarot Meanings and Symbols -How To Read The Judgement Card by M.Laxon


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