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Justice Tarot Card Meaning and Symbols

The Justice from the Jean Noblet Marseilles Tarot Deck

How do you interpret Justice?

The Number 8 major arcana card (in the Marseille Tarot)- VIII Justice card is generally about fairness and how we balance the opposing forces when a decision is made. It also speaks to the need for unbiased decisions in important life-changing matters i.e. divorce or lawsuit. Courtrooms are also references and legal matters tend to be discussed when this card appears.

It is also important an important reminder to ourselves that we really need to self-reflect. We need to acknowledge our own biases. Are we behaving according to our intentions? For example; when awarding a promotion, are we acting fairly and giving promotion to one who truly deserves it, or are we giving it to someone who we prefer to be in that position?

Justice from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

La Justice from the Conver Ben-Dov Marseille Tarot Deck

Key words that come to mind when the Justice card appears:

  • fairness

  • balance

  • objectivity

  • unbiased

  • law

  • Doing right, ethical

  • principles

  • responsibility

  • logic

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On the other hand, this card can indicate:

  • unfairness

  • abuse of the law or bending the law for one's benefit

  • unethical

  • rigidness

  • nepotism

  • bureaucracy

  • legal issues

Justice from Jean Dodal Marseille Tarot


Sword: symbolizes the tool used to divide things equally by force. It is also seen as a tool to be used to inflict punishment on wrongdoers. The swords may point to the fact that we are being too judgmental in our opinions. The sword can make us question if the decisions we made have hurt others unfairly. Yoav Ben -Dov mentions in The Marseilles Tarot Revealed that the sword is one of Saint Michael the Archangel. Saint Michael fights off evil, and the Scales: Saint Michael uses weighs the good deeds against the bad deeds as a way of deciding if someone goes to heaven or to hell. The scales also indicate the need for us to measure every aspect of a decision in order to make the right decision i.e. weighing the pros and cons.

Scales also indicate a need to balance our own needs, and expectations with the needs and expectations of others. It also indicates making sure our actions are aligned with our intentions.

Pillars: indicate an entryway where the individual who is making the important decision is the doorkeeper to a place unknown. Beyond the pillars, the path that is chosen is dependent upon a verdict. These pillars indicate that a seeker (the person you are reading cards for) can not go further until they make a certain decision. You may notice that the pillars are not equal or asymmetrical - this can indicate that justice or decisions may not always be balanced. The whole card is not balanced in that necklace worn by the figure in the card is uneven and the sword is not lined up perfectly with the throne. This can show us that decisions are not always perfect. Perhaps the seeker is trying to make a situation perfect and must be told to leave well enough alone. In the Deviant Moon Tarot, the figure holds two swords upright in place of pillars.

The Veil - the path we take is determined by our actions it is hidden until a important decision is made.

Crown/headgear- indicates authority. In the middle of the crown is a round decorative object representing the third eye for seeing the truth and knowing.

Gaze - The Justice figure's gaze is directed at us. It makes us think we are looking in the mirror. She is calling us to examine ourselves.

Dark and light moon face (The Deviant Moon Tarot)- Like a double-edged sword, there are two faces which are, a dark and a light moon face. These represent the upside of a decision and the downside of the decision. It also represents the good (righteous) and the evil.

Keys- In the deviant Moon tarot the keys are worn by the figure in the card. The seeker makes the decision that lays out the path to follow. On the other hand, an unfair decision or circumstances can lay out a path for others.

The lessons of this card call us to give ourselves what we deserve and rid ourselves of what is not working such as rigid beliefs, and old thought forms. We must learn when to say "no" and when to say "yes"

The number eight ( Marseille Tarot) - represents the highest even single-digit number. It is

The Justice from The Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke

reflective and evolving. We are constantly looking for better answers to our questions, and by being open, we can look in many different directions to find surprising solutions and/or options.

Owl (Mythic Tarot) - Clear vision

Black and White Tiles - Putting dark and light forces into order

Number eleven (Rider-Waite deck)- The scales correspond to the astrological sign Libra which is the 11th zodiac sign

The White Shoe - represents the elite or upper class and indicates the importance of an action or decision.

Justice from the Rider Waite Tarot deck

Examples of ways to read the Justice Card (note: these are just examples and not an exhaustive list):

If the seeker's question is about work: the seeker must find the right work/left balance. Perhaps they are focusing on one of these aspects too much. Know when to stop work and be present for friends, family, and health. a reversed card situation may indicate that there is some unfairness at work and it is wise to seek advice on how to handle the unfairness. This will take patience and time.

Note: When the Justice card appears a job offer may be offered. Also if a decision has already been made by the seeker, this card may indicate that the seeker is changing their mind.

Justice from the A.E. Waite - Mud Puddle Publications

When it comes to money: there are opportunities so make sure you use your time and resources wisely. A reversed card situation indicates things may be a little risky or the seeker is being too risk-averse.

Question about a romantic relationship: The justice card reminds you to be clear about what you want. The person you are with is wondering what you want from them in the relationship. When you can be clear you will know if you move on together or not. A reversed card situation may indicate that this relationship is not equal and the seeker must look at their place in the relationship and what they contribute to the relationship. Until the seeker takes time for honest self-reflection, the relationship cannot go on.

A question about health: Moderation is the key. Work on establishing a work/life balance. A reversed card situation calls for the seeker to really examine their work/life balance.

Spanish Tarot -Fournier Marseille Tarot deck

Justice from the Classical Tarot by Lo Scarabeo


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