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Justice Tarot Card Meaning and Symbols

The Justice from the Jean Noblet Marseilles Tarot Deck

How do you interpret Justice?

The Number 8 major arcana card (in the Marseille Tarot)- VIII Justice card is generally about fairness and how we balance the opposing forces when a decision is made. It also speaks to the need for unbiased decisions in important life-changing matters i.e. divorce or lawsuit. Courtrooms are also references and legal matters tend to be discussed when this card appears.

It is also important an important reminder to ourselves that we really need to self-reflect. We need to acknowledge our own biases. Are we behaving according to our intentions? For example; when awarding a promotion, are we acting fairly and giving promotion to one who truly deserves it, or are we giving it to someone who we prefer to be in that position?

Justice from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

La Justice from the Conver Ben-Dov Marseille Tarot Deck

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