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Sacral Chakra

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The second main chakra: Love and honour your life and body

Our Sacral chakra is located in our navel area and its characteristics are an orange energy, creative, nurturing, sexuality, abundance and an overall wellbeing. This chakra rules our reproductive organs and adrenal glands. It is also associated with our sense of taste and is of the element, water. The key issues that affect our sacral chakra are:

  • relationships

  • moods

  • addictions

  • enjoyment and pleasure

Creativity and enthusiasm for life happens with a balanced sacral chakra. We feel joy in our relationships with family and friends, and are able to enjoy pleasure with our intimate partner.

When this chakra is balanced - meaning the vital life force energy (prana) can move through our Sacral chakra - we are able to relate to others in healthy relationships that are continually nurtured. We are enabled to have healthy sexual relationships guilt free and are respectful to ourselves. We know who we are, we are worthy and we have enough food, rest and money. We do not relate our self worth to how much material things we have or our social status. We love and respect ourselves by creating healthy boundaries.

When this chakra is unbalanced, we see it in ways such as:

  • sexual addictions, over-indulgence

  • mood swings, i.e., hysteria, frustration, depression

  • seductive manipulations and guilt, shame, martyr complex

  • fear of intimacy and co-dependence issues

Nourishing ourselves creatively, artistically and with healthy foods that are orange in colour:

  • mangoes

  • oranges

  • papaya

  • passion fruit

  • turmeric and ginger

  • plenty of hydration by drinking water and clear herbal teas

Also, working with the colour orange will help stimulate the prana to flow through through our sacral chakra. We need to let go of shame and make a space for enjoyment and new, positive energy.

Exercises that are wonderful for the sacral chakra include:

  • hip strengthening movements such as yoga

  • swimming

  • walking

  • dancing, especially the Tango!


  • D note

  • Latin dancing music

Scents/essential oils:

  • Citrus Oil

  • Jasmine

  • Ylang-Ylang

  • Clary Sage

Spiritual exercises to awaken the sacral chakra:

  • intuitive dance by candle light

  • meditation

  • fasting and celibacy

Spices and herbs to liven the sacral chakra:

  • cinnamon

  • vanilla

  • calendula

  • ginger

  • licorice

  • mints

  • carob

  • hibiscus (tea is wonderful)

  • black cohosh


I love and honour my body, I treat myself with respect.

I respond to loving, positive and creative thoughts.

I know, love and embrace who I am.

I allow myself to enjoy life and rest to heal myself

Questions for a Tarot reading:

Am I comfortable with who I am and do I need more money/status to be happy?

Knight of wands

7 of Coins

King of Wands

The Knight stops for a moment. Maybe he is examining a situation that looks desirable? Maybe he is changing directions because he has a sudden impulse? Is he self aware enough to make sure that these sudden moves aren't stepping over someone or is he hiding something? What is the motivation? Is this you? Or perhaps someone in your life? Make sure you know your direction. You probably have enough talent and money to pursue your goals, but make sure that you are aware of how others feel about your ambition because you may need support. Stepping over the wrong people puts you at risk. Yes, show your talent and drive but be respectful. You will go so far with talent, but if you show responsibility and wisdom along with your talent, you will go farther.

Crystals to help the Sacral Chakra:

Carnelian: pictured as tumbled (bottom right), palm stone (bottom left) and chakra healing stone (centre) is powerful in sacral chakra healing as it helps you with vitality and motivation. It gives you that zest for life. It promotes creativity and aids you making good choices for yourself. Do you need the courage to get out into the world and show how creative you are?

Orange Calcite (top right): A lovely stone to give you energy and aid the prana to move through your lower chakras. Helps you evaluate your feelings about yourself and how you fit in. Feel more connected to the world with this crystal.

Sunstone (top left): Another energizing stone. It clears the chakras and it helps you shine with your best self allowing you to rid your fears.

Sources: The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier, published by Sterling New York 2007

Tarot deck used: The CBD Marseille Tarot

Crystals purchased from Happy Soul Toronto


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