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The Devil Card Meanings- Our Shadow Self

Updated: Feb 28

The devil Card: Are the human like creatures holding on to the Devil or are they bound by the Devil?
The Devil from the Visconti Tarot

When the Devil card shows up in any of my readings for others or myself, it conjures up a few fears and emotions. Depending on one's background (i.e., religion, culture or superstitions), the Devil can be scary or humorous. The card is the 15th card in the major arcana and is associated with the number 5. The number 5 card (in the first sequence of 10 major arcana) in the deck is the Pope/Hierophant where we are headed on a path of spirituality, the Devil (fifth in the second sequence of 10 major arcana) is the opposite where we are facing our shadow self. This number indicates a lack of balance: 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) plus 1 other to throw us off which means a change or a disturbance. When we see this card in a reading, we are called to face that shadowy part of ourselves that is destructive and self sabotaging. This card makes us take a look at that dark part of our personality or how we are influenced by another's dark personality.

The Devil (main and central creature)

Depending on the deck, it can be half human and half animal (as in the Visconti card: half goat and human) or an androgynous being with both male and female attributes as in the Marseilles Tarot.

The Devil from the CBD Marseilles Tarot

Sexual organs

The sexual organs of the Devil represent lust, and uncontrolled desires and temptations. Looking at the CBD Tarot Marseilles Devil card to the right, the male and female creatures have an upward gaze toward the Devils penis which can be a sign of a relationship/affair that is based on sexual desire. The Devil is seductive and could indicate the querent is being lured by money, sex or harmful habit. Is sex used to control or have power in a relationship?