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The Empress - Abundance

Creative, Action, Powerful, Opportunistic and Growth

L'Imperaratrice: CBD Marseille Tarot (a Nicholas Conver Reproduction

The Empress is the third Tarot card in the Major Arcana. She connects with creation, fertility, birth, and abundance. She is associated with the number three, the planet Venus, the element of earth. She sits comfortably on a throne with a scepter and shield. Her gaze is to the right which indicates action. She follows the High Priestess in the major arcana who appears pregnant and sits in a protective position. The Empress is more open and by looking at her seated position she looks as though she is getting ready to give birth or has just given birth. On her right, in the Marseille Tarot, we see what appears to be a yellow object that resembles a baptismal. In the Rider Waite deck, the Empress has a flowing body of water on her right. Water has many meanings, but in Tarot, we tend to think of the feminine power of giving birth. The top of her garment is shaped in a crescent moon showing the relationship with the High Priestess. We have the earthly power of creation, but the sacred and mysterious energy of the universe still is within us. The exposed neck of her garment indicates that she is more open and vocal with her feelings.

Other Symbols in the Empress Card

Number three (III)

  • two elements that come together and the result is something new; creation

  • a problem solved with two opposing elements meets

  • a solution to two conflicting points of view after a period of contemplation

  • a consequence that resulted from making a decision

  • active energy

  • birth of a child, business, project

  • an agreement made; contract, marriage

  • a realization

When we come across three, we think of a result or consequence, but on the other hand we need to understand that where there should be result there maybe stagnation. The Empress has the power to give life to new projects or decisions she can also have creative blocks.

The Scepter

Another name for scepter is a rod, staff or wand. In Europe, the scepter is given to the ruling monarch as a symbol of authority and royal insignia. Notice in the Marseille Tarot, on the top end of the scepter is a orb with a cross. The orb and the cross links the authority the ruling monarch has over their physical world and the divine, example: the Queen Elizabeth II ruling over the British Empire and the Church of England. Scepters were also used by Egyptian Pharaohs.