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The Hermit VIIII - Meanings and Symbols

The Hermit - Rider Waite

Opportunity for Self Examination - Hermit Card

When we look at the VIIII Hermit tarot card, we feel the slow motion of the figure depicted in the card. From a reader's view, he is looking in the left direction indicating reflectiveness. He is old, walking with a staff and holding a lamp. He appears cautious in his walk and perhaps stops for a moment or more. The three lines on his forehead indicate he is thinking, contemplating, or looking for some truth. The lamp he holds is bright lighting his path. Where is his path going? Is he retreating or is he changing directions?

The Hermit from the Jean Noblet Marseilles Tarot Deck

The elderly figure appears to be looking for a place to be quiet, in solitude to contemplate in search of truth. It reminds us of times when we intentionally seek quietness to think things through usually after a very energetic time. Perhaps we are looking for something such as an idea or trying to understand how we feel about something. It can be a time of spirituality i.e. time of lent where a person gives themselves time for prayer and fasting. It can also indicate the time to carefully search for a physical object or search for a way to solve a problem or find direction. On the other hand, this card may point out that we are isolating ourselves because of fear or shyness, or we are deliberately avoiding people or a situation. The Hermit can also describe a situation such as being a widow(er), on a mediation retreat, after an end of a relationship and we need time to ourselves, time to recover after an illness or shock, or in a situation of grieving and being unable to be around others.

L'Hermite - CBD Marseille Tarot