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The Magician- Possibilities

The Magician from the Spanish Tarot

Meet the Magician. The first numbered card of the major arcana in the Tarot . In the Marseilles tarot he is called le Bateleur which is a conjurer, street performer, showman or charlatan and trickster. The Magician can represent a very charming charismatic person and it can also represents that part of our personality where we can be extroverted and put things into action. This card can also represent an actor, performance artist such as an illusionist, salesperson, or someone who is involved with public relations. The Magician can represent youthfulness and enthusiasm in a situation where we are excited about an idea and turn it into reality. The card is numbered one which is associated with:

  • new beginnings

  • a new endeavor, project, initiative, journey

  • the ego, the individual

Here the first mystery (Arcanum) we are beginning to discover what we have at our disposal to manifest and put our ideas into action either from a plan or through improvisation.

le Bateleur from the Jean Dodal Tarot

The Magician has the tools to create:

On the table the Magician has his instruments or tools. Looking at these instruments closely, we see they represent the suits of the minor arcana which represent recent acquired skills. On the other hand it could also indicate using what is on hand to improvise.

  • Circles on the table represents the coins or pentacles: resources such as money but also health and home. How much strength we have to carry out our ideas. Are we ready physically to start something new? We also have the potential to make money because there are opportunities coming our way.

  • Knife represents the swords: This can indicate a time for taking on studies, enrolling in university or being taken under the wing of a new mentor. It also indicates that we are ready to speak up for what we want to achieve.

  • Cups or chalices: represents our emotions and relationships. This card can indicate that it is a time for meeting new people and making connections. Also, a start of a new passion or love.

  • In cards you may see dice as in the Lo Scarabeo Marseille Tarot edition by Anna Maria Morsucci. The dice represents Tarot's roots. Perhaps this is a reminder to honour our past. In order to understand where our path needs to take us, we need to know where we came from. What is our starting point and what are our surroundings?