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The Star - Tarot Meanings and Symbols

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The Star - Marseille Tarot from The Dark Forest

The Star is the number 17 card of the major arcana that gives a dreamy image of stars, a beautiful naked human figure, and a peaceful-looking body of water. Certain ideas come to mind when looking at the card's image: truth, to bare all, allowing vulnerability and cleansing.

The card corresponds to the number 7 in the tarot. Seven is an important mystical number as described in Reading and Understanding the Marseille Tarot by Anna Maria Morsucci and Antonella Aloi as it's an "emblem of competition and perfection". Seven represents the number of planets or heavens in the middle ages - from the sun to Saturn. It's the number that represents reaching the divine, and our understanding of the world, ourselves, our limits, and what we can or should do to conquer our limits and/or fears.

Symbols in The Star:

  • Stars: guides us in the nighttime sky. Seven stars represent the seven heavenly bodies that were known in ancient times: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

  • Water: cleansing. Water also represents the feminine energy of reflection and receiving. What we put into our world, we get back.

  • Seven stars represent the seven heavenly bodies that were known in ancient times: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

  • Large Star: represents the North Star which guides us and could be representative of the Star of Bethlehem (another star that guides).

  • Naked figure: purity, genuineness, with no issues of vanity or fear of keeping up with appearances. No need to make an impression or comply with convention

  • Vessels: the amphorae used to pour water. Unlike the figure in Temperance, this figure in the Star freely pours water without needing to temper the liquid. She pours the water generously. She gives back to the earth without worrying about what it looks like to others. She understands that the universe sees what she gives and will give back to her what she offers.

  • The Bird: messenger between earth and the heavens. The bird in this card can also symbolise the spiritual world/heaven/universe as accessible.

  • Landscape: represents the work we must put in

When the Star card appears in the spread, we are called to have faith in our mission, calling, or vocation. We are called to have faith in the divine in that we know that what we offer will come back to us in the way the universe sees fit. We are to have faith in ourselves and act with authenticity. We get the sense that we are connected to the universe.

The Star - Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Rider Waite Star Card symbols:

  • Bird: Don't make assumptions about another's motives. Take a look at the situation from a wider lens. Be above the problem, rise above, and look to your faith for inspiration. It is a symbol to remind us to raise above the normal.

  • Pitcher/water vessels: what is in the pitcher represents what is in us. Is this our potential, our love, and the gifts that we pour into offering to the world? If it is our fears, we pour them out to face and be vulnerable. We allow our true selves to be seen without fear.

  • Stars: mysteries, inspiration, dreams, and light. Stars can shed light on problems or issues and call you to pay attention

  • Mountain: endurance, triumphs. the mountains call us to view the vastness of our world and our place in it.

  • Flowers: represent our growth, creativity, and the gifts that we have (abundance)

Reading the Star Card:

When the question is about relationships the Star card can indicate that the time is right for you to be open to a new relationship by being yourself. Now is a wonderful time to meet that person who will appreciate the authentic 'you'. If you are coming out of a relationship, you can be assured that the timing is fine to meet a new special someone. You should feel confident that you are ready to date again. When the Star card appears reversed it still means that romance is possible, however, there are some hurdles to get over. For instance, shyness or low self-esteem may be an issue. This hurdle should be addressed and once you do, the potential for having a successful romance is excellent. The reversed Star card means that there is a block to overcome to achieve success in the romance department. If you are already in a relationship, it can indicate that you are forgetting why you love this partner. Take time to think about why you chose this person as a partner and your romance will sure to improve in the relationship.

LESTOILLE - Marseilles Tarot

When the question is about finances, the Star card indicates that this is a good time to make money and invest. If you are thinking about taking a risk, the timing is good, but only risk what you can afford. The Star card is lucky but common sense and prudence are still called for! If you are in sales, this will be a good time. Have some confidence and go out and sell! When the Star card is reversed, it still is a good time for money but you have some hurdles to get over. Confidence may be an issue in terms of your selling ability. Take a look at your selling skills and see if you are missing something. You may also want to revisit your goals. Are you doing what you want to do? A reversed Star card is a good indicator that now is the time to make a career change. Over time, our goals may change so it's a good time to do a career and goal review.

When the question is about health matters, the Star card indicates it's a good time for your health. Even if you feel energetic and strong, you always need to look after your health. I always think that the Star card is an indicator that you are watching your health and nutrition. A reversed Star card indicates that your nutrition and fitness can easily improve at this time. You may want to brush up on your fitness because you will very soon need it. Your energy will be required for a special upcoming project.

The Star - Visconti Tarot

When the question is regarding work-related issues, the Star card indicates that now is a great time to look for those opportunities. If you are thinking about looking for another job or promotion, this is a great time. The Star card is telling you to believe in yourself and your abilities. You may be inspired to start a new project. If the Star card appears reversed it is time to think of that ideal job and make preparations to go after that ideal job.

Keywords: Luck, inspiration, opportunity, hope, optimism, trust in yourself, belief


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