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Strength XI

Strength Tarot Card Meanings

Fuerza or Strength from the Spanish Tarot by Fournier

The Number 11 card of the major arcana card is represented by a woman handling a fierce lion by its mouth. She seems composed and unafraid. The female figure is facing the reader's right and the lion almost appears to be a part of her. This suggests that the lion is representing an element of the figure.

The eleventh card of the major arcanum corresponds to the number 1 which indicates a single point in time where potential is realized, but this time it comes with more reflection. The card indicates that overcoming one's struggles will take more self-reflection; understanding one's limitations, and finding ways to gather the strength to move on. Here Strength or La Force invites us to look at that dark part of ourselves or traits that we don't want to admit that we have. We are also asked to examine what role we play in our situation. When we encounter the Magician (the first numbered arcanum) we are at a starting point where we have what we need to create and we discover the potential we have; and when we reach the eleventh arcanum, Strength, we have already encountered defeats and setbacks. Physical force and material goods are not enough to continue and so we look inward for strength and courage. The female figure in the card represents a time of reflection. She is restarting, but with more control of emotions, and more thought before action.

She understands that there is courage in learning from actions and using that wisdom to start again.

Strength - Jean Dodal

Symbols and meanings in The Strength/La Force Card

La Force - CBD Marseille Tarot Yoav Ben Dov
  • Number 11 - indicates a new phase that brings thought, measured response, and self-reflection. Potential is realized with wisdom.

  • The Hat- is similar to the Magiancian's hat in that it is shaped like a figure eight representing infinite potential.

  • The Red Cape - indicates passion and action toward achieving one's goal. It also conceals indicating the traits that are dark and we have to face these traits that are hidden within ourselves.

  • The Hands - placed on the lion's mouth are controlled and strategically positioned indicating representing the need to regulate our emotions and behaviors.

  • The lion represents our instinct. It can also represent the power, position, and conceit that we may have.

  • The six toes on the figures correspond to the six spikes on her hat and the six teeth in the lion's mouth. Perhaps the six toes symbolize the strength received from developing groundedness in order to face one's battles. The number of teeth being six represents picking your battles (choice/decisions). The number of spikes being six represents that we have a 'choice" in how to behave when encountering opposing. Six fingers on one of the hands (see CBD Strength) symbolized physical strength that must be regulated. The six spikes, teeth, toes, and fingers signify that mental strength is equally important as physical and material strength.

  • The line drawn across the neck- reminds us to examine the emotions that we keep suppressed.