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VI Lovers Card

About The Choices We Make

Tarot de Marseilles- Jean Noblet

The Sixth Card of the Major Arcanum is the Lovers Card or Lamoureux. The Marseilles tarot's 6th major card is The Lover as opposed to the English tarot system The Lovers (credit: The Marseille Tarot Revealed by Yoav Ben-Dov). In the Marseilles Tarot revealed, Ben-Dov mentions that the English system (as in the Rider Tarot) describes this major card using romance, marriage, and relationship choices as a metaphor, whereas the French system maintains that the card is more about choice(s). The choices that we make determine the direction of our life's path. This is all routine and habitual for us until we reach a point in our life where a major decision has to be made. This can be described as a crossroads. When we reach this crossroad our life's path makes a very sharp turn in one direction for a particular decision or a very sharp turn in another direction for an alternate decision. When we come to this crossroads, we learn that decisions are important and the right decision comes from balancing all the elements of each option. The Lamoureux or The Lovers card can indicate:

  • The choice between a partner for life and a lover

  • A professional choice between a job that is secure, and steady, but not interesting and a career path that is risky but exciting.

  • Taking the step to make a proposal or keep a relationship as is.

The Lovers - Visconti Tarot Lo Scarabeo

Lamoureux Tarot de Marseille -CBD deck Yoav Ben-Dov :preproduction of the Nicolas Conver TdeM

The number six has its meaning in the tarot. The number is the sum of 3 + 3 and it represents all elements as equal (credit: Reading and Understanding the Marseilles Tarot by Anna Maria Morsucci and Antonella Aloi). Two elements are drawn toward each other such as two people in love (marriage) or two elements that oppose each other (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law feud over the husband/son's attention).

Symbols found in the Lovers Card or Lamoureux:

  • Cupid- the cherub in the Marseille tarot. Cupid will make people fall in love with his arrow. This indicates that sometimes choices are made for us or that indecision will give us consequences. No choice is a choice.

The Lovers- Rider Waite Tarot Deck
  • Sun - a symbol of growth, development, and evolution

  • Hands - symbolize power, domination, and protection, a reminder that our values and the principles that we live by determining what we get out of life. Life is about giving and receiving and you get what you give in life.

  • Man can symbolize the decision maker in the situation. Notice in the Marseille tarot that his feet are pointing in opposite directions indicating options. His shoes are red and resemble the shoes of the Fool and the Emperor which show the cards are stages and lessons of one's path.

The Lovers -THE CLASSIC TAROT Deck Cards by Carlo Della Rocca Gumppenberg Milan original by Lo Scarabeo

The Lovers -Lindel Barker Revell Tarot

  • The arms - When looking at the Lamoureux card in the Marseille tarot, we can be confused about to whom the arms belong. Is the arm that is pointing to the woman on the right the woman's or the man's? The arm is pointing to the belly indicating the woman is his partner/spouse and is with child. Or that he choosing a future with this woman. His arm on the right appears to be behind her back in support. The woman on the right has her right hand on his chest indicating that she is reminding him to follow his heart. The hand on the left shoulder may indicate a woman catching her husband with a lover or could she be a mother of the man introducing her to his new partner? There are many possibilities to see in this card.

  • Three individuals - Again we are reminded that the number 6 card in the arcanum is the sum of 3+3, several elements being equal. This card can also indicate a union of people, i.e. a marriage, business partnership, a reunion, or some other "coming together". It can also represent the elements in an individual's life that are coming together or that need to come together, i.e. work, faith, love, and family. In Reading and Understanding the Marseilles Tarot by Anna Maria Morsucci and Antonella Aloi, it is explained that the number 6 in geometry can be represented by the hexagon shape. The hexagon has sides and angles that are all equal and the shape can fill a flat surface without leaving any gaps (example: Bee's honeycomb). The hexagon is considered nature's most efficient shape.

  • The women -The women in the Marseille Lamoureux can remind us of the myth of

Hercules and his choice of Vice and Virtue. This is an ancient Greek parable of founding

The Lovers - Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman Burke and Liz Greene

yourself at a crossroads and choosing a life of pleasure or a life of work and honour.

In the Mythic Tarot, the Lovers card is represented by the Greek myth of the

Judgment of Paris where he must decide who is the fairest: Hera, the Queen of the

gods, Aphrodite, the goddess of sensual love, and Athena, the goddess of justice.

Paris knows no matter who he chooses, there will be repercussions from the other two.

His choice was Aphrodite and this choice set in motion the war that was the downfall

of Troy.

Each goddess bribed him. Athena would give him wisdom and knowledge, Hera would

give him power and Aphrodite just opened her robe and offered him love and the "cup

of love". Paris' choice was what he at the time desired most. The Lovers card

puts our values to the test.

Tarot by A.E. Waite ; Jeannette Kaczorowki and Amalia Drewes

  • Adam and Eve - Rider Waite. Adam and Eve walk hand and hand along their path. Behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with a snake wrapped around the trunk of the tree. The snake represents wisdom and the inner self that a woman listens to. Behind Adam is the Tree of Life bearing fruit, which represents strength and discipline. It is self-discipline, wisdom, strength, and love that will help us make the best choices. If we employ the female and male aspects within us, we can stay on a true and good path.

  • Mountain - Behind Adam and Eve is the mountain of benightment which is the energy of the sun shining down. It represents spiritual success. The guardian angel is a reminder that we are protected by the divine.

The above suggestions for reading The Lovers card are not the only meanings that this Card can have. You must look at the surrounding cards chosen by the querent in the reading. Whatever meaning you get from the Tarot card will be dependent on the deck you use, other cards in the spread, and the question (the reason why the querent is having a Tarot reading).

The Lovers-Deviant Moon Tarot

Just a note: When reading the Tarot cards for yourself or anyone else, you should take your time to look at each card. Note the direction of the human figure's gaze, the symbols, numbers, and backgrounds. Tarot Masters always say that everything is a clue.

Collective reading💫🌟✨Lovers reversed, 2 of swords, Ace of wands:

Confusion has made decision-making difficult and this may have allowed others to make your decisions for you. However, you are aware of the confusion and are protecting your interests and setting boundaries. You know you want to decide your path because you will have lots of energy and inspiration! You will decide your direction. ✨🌟💫


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The Lovers -The Spanish Tarot Deck - Lo Scarabeo


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