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VI Lovers Card

About The Choices We Make

Tarot de Marseilles- Jean Noblet

The Sixth Card of the Major Arcanum is the Lovers Card or Lamoureux. The Marseilles tarot's 6th major card is The Lover as opposed to the English tarot system The Lovers (credit: The Marseille Tarot Revealed by Yoav Ben-Dov). In the Marseilles Tarot revealed, Ben-Dov mentions that the English system (as in the Rider Tarot) describes this major card using romance, marriage, and relationship choices as a metaphor, whereas the French system maintains that the card is more about choice(s). The choices that we make determine the direction of our life's path. This is all routine and habitual for us until we reach a point in our life where a major decision has to be made. This can be described as a crossroads. When we reach this crossroad our life's path makes a very sharp turn in one direction for a particular decision or a very sharp turn in another direction for an alternate decision. When we come to this crossroads, we learn that decisions are important and the right decision comes from balancing all the elements of each option. The Lamoureux or The Lovers card can indicate:

  • The choice between a partner for life and a lover

  • A professional choice between a job that is secure, and steady, but not interesting and a career path that is risky but exciting.

  • Taking the step to make a proposal or keep a relationship as is.

The Lovers - Visconti Tarot Lo Scarabeo

Lamoureux Tarot de Marseille -CBD deck Yoav Ben-Dov :preproduction o