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Wheel Of Fortune X- Meanings, Symbols

The Element of Change: Cyclical changes, luck, and chances

La Rove De Fortun/Wheel of Fortune from the Tarot of Marseille by Jean Dodal

The tenth card in the major arcana, The Wheel of Fortune, speaks of the everchanging events in one's life. Things never just stay the same, there is always change, and shifting and we have to be ready for the next thing. Whenever this card comes up in a reading, the seeker (the person who is asking the question - the tarot reader is reading for the seeker) is usually in a state of comfort or in state of disappointment. This card is always a reminder that change is always around the corner and if things seem very bleak, it won't last. This card also represents us "trying our luck" which indicates that some things are just by happenstance or luck. This card always reminds us that we are in constant motion- nothing stays the same.

The Classic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

When the wheel of Fortune shows up it can indicate:

  • stroke of good luck or bad luck

  • good luck has run out

  • leaving a steady position at work and trying something new

  • end of a cycle

  • change

  • opportunities

  • witness to a wonderful event that has forever changed the seeker's outlook

  • change of pace; faster or slowing down

Wheel of Fortune from the Tarot de Marseille by Jean Noblet

The message we often received when this appears upright in a spread is that we can never take things for granted. When things are going well and smooth, there will be a period we encounter tough times. Life is full of wins and losses. So, appreciate what we have now and accept that change does come around. We have to take the bad times that come along with the good times. It would be wise to remember that if we are in a good time we should save for when the bad times come i.e., "saving for a raining day". In a tarot spread, a reader will look at the cards surrounding the Wheel of Fortune. Typically, the card on the left indicates what is coming down or decreasing and the card on the right is indicating what is rising or increasing.

The Wheel of Fortune - Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Sometimes things or events that happen in a seeker's life are due to luck and not what the seeker has done. There are external factors that are influencing the outcome. The Wheel of Fortune can also speak of gambling.

When the card is reversed, there is an indication that change is not being accepted by the seeker or that the seeker is not ready for a turn of events that is about to happen. The seeker is reminded that change is necessary and if there is difficulty accepting change, the card advises to seek help in managing the changes.

When the seeker has questions regarding work, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate that if the seeker already has a steady job, they are about to leave that job because it is not for them. Before they go out to find their dream job, they must plan by asking a person in their "dream field" for advice on how to find work in that field. Be careful not to abruptly quit your steady job, plan ahead and find the path to that job. When the Wheel of fortune is in the reversed position, it can mean that the seeker will end up leaving their job, but the feeling of really wanting to leave a boring steady job is much stronger. The advice from the card is to make sure you plan ahead before quitting your current job.

The Wheel of Fortune from the Mythic Tarot

When the question is about love and relationships: if the seeker is in a relationship things will change. It is time to have a serious discussion with the partner and make sure that everything is okay. Sometimes it is best to make sure that each partner knows what the other's expectations are. If the seeker is not yet in a relationship and is looking for that special someone, now is the time to step out and start dating. Advice is to make sure that the seeker knows what they want in a relationship first. In a reversed card situation, the seeker may be in a relationship that they are not really sure they still want to be in. It is time to have a discussion with the partner and find out how they feel as well. Maybe it's a matter of making a small change to make the relationship better. If the seeker is single and looking for the love of their life, think before you jump into any relationship. Again, the seeker must know what they want in a relationship and what kind of partner they want.

Wheel of Fortune- Fournier The Spanish Tarot

When it comes to money, an upright Wheel of Fortune card can indicate a stroke of money luck or better times are ahead. However, if the seeker is currently going through tough times, it is time to plan ahead for a rainy day. This is an indicator that the flow of money is going to change. If the seeker is earning lots of money, this card is a warning that income will decrease. In a reverse card position, if the seeker is having trouble earning money that this card indicates that the money will begin to come the seeker's way.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that the seeker must pay attention to their health. Make good choices in diet, exercise, and stress management. There are changes coming. Time to kick those bad habits. In a reversed card position, the seeker must not fight any changes that they need to make. Some expert advice will be needed. The reversed Wheel of Fortune indicates fear of change and this stress will affect the seeker's health in a negative way, especially if they don't make the necessary changes needed to improve their health.

the Wheel of Fortune published by Mud Puddle Inc.,

Whenever the Wheel of Fortune makes its appearance in a spread I always remind the seeker not to be afraid because change is something that is necessary to help us grow. Most times this card helps us remember there are lessons to be learned and there are actions to take to handle the changes that come our way.

The Wheel of Fortune - Visconti Tarot


  • The wheel represents the cycle of nature, and the changes that we go through; birth, growth, and death. It is a mandala - suffering can turn into triumph and vice versa

  • The lion, eagle, angel, and bull - are symbols in the zodiac; things happen within a reference of time

  • The animal racing up the wheel in the Marseilles Tarot - symbolizes reaching for the top; struggles, perseverance

  • The animal going down the wheel in the Marseille Tarot- things are not achieved easily; consequences; nothing is for sure; a reminder not to take someone/thing for granted

  • Sphinx or Animal on top of the Wheel: things in balance momentarily, short time victory or obtaining power

  • The Number 10: The end of a cycle, lessons learned, goal has been reached, completeness, wholeness. A time when we take lessons learned are carried into the next journey

  • On the Rider Waite decks there are alchemical symbols that represent the four elements: earth (pentacles), air (swords), fire (wands,) and water (cups)

  • letters on the wheel (Rider Waite) spell Tarot (clockwise direction) and Tora (counterclockwise)

  • snake (Rider Waite) - the snake appears to be moving downwards on the left of the wheel representing the serpent that tempted Eve. Snakes also represent knowledge. An indication of temptation

  • alchemical symbols that represent mercury, sulfur, water, and salt

The Wheel of Fortune from the CBD Marseille de Tarot

Wheel of Fortune keywords: change, fulfillment, change of luck, a stroke of luck, consequences, outcome, conclusion, cycle, opportunity


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