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Wheel Of Fortune X- Meanings, Symbols

The Element of Change: Cyclical changes, luck, and chances

La Rove De Fortun/Wheel of Fortune from the Tarot of Marseille by Jean Dodal

The tenth card in the major arcana, The Wheel of Fortune, speaks of the everchanging events in one's life. Things never just stay the same, there is always change, and shifting and we have to be ready for the next thing. Whenever this card comes up in a reading, the seeker (the person who is asking the question - the tarot reader is reading for the seeker) is usually in a state of comfort or in state of disappointment. This card is always a reminder that change is always around the corner and if things seem very bleak, it won't last. This card also represents us "trying our luck" which indicates that some things are just by happenstance or luck. This card always reminds us that we are in constant motion- nothing stays the same.

The Classic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

When the wheel of Fortune shows up it can indicate:

  • stroke of good luck or bad luck

  • good luck has run out

  • leaving a steady position at work and trying something new

  • end of a cycle

  • change

  • opportunities

  • witness to a wonderful event that has forever changed the seeker's outlook

  • change of pace; faster or slowing down