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VII The Chariot - Card Meanings and Symbols

Le Chariot from the Tarot de Marseille Vintage-Tarot cards Dark Forest

Overcoming Obstacles with Confidence

The Seventh major arcana card is the Chariot, after the Lovers card (see: The character we see in the card is regally dressed and warrior-like. Usually, the character in the Chariot card is a male and even though we are not sure which direction he is going, we get the sense he is moving fast. The energy of this card is active. The wheels on the chariot are going in opposite directions, but the driver of the chariot is looking forward.

So we have to wonder if the motion is steady or if is he all over the place. If we think the direction is not steady, it may indicate recklessness in the reading.

The Chariot -Lindel Barker Revell, Penny Lovelock

The Charioteer indicates:

  • Determination

  • Action to be taken by the seeker (questioner)

  • A trip/adventure

  • A competition

  • Set a goal with determination to achieve it

  • Victory

  • Movement/change

  • Taking control of your life

On the other hand, the Chariot card in a reading can send us some of these red flags:

  • A duty that is forced upon us

  • Impulsive decision

  • A trip or project that is impulsive where there is no thought, plan, or reason to take on a project or trip

  • A sudden move

  • No direction or loss of direction

  • Taken on too many interests/projects i.e. "too many irons in the fire"

  • Reckless behavior

  • Self-doubt where it is impossible to take the first step

Symbols in The Chariot Card

The Chariot from Rider Waite Tarot Deck

  • Number 7 which in numerology indicates advancement. For many, the number seven means the combination of the earthly practical talents (using earth, water, air, and fire) and the spiritual (holy trinity or three crones) as in 4 +3 = 7

  • The columns represent stability. In some Chariot cards, there is a cover over the chariot for protection. This can represent external influences that a seeker can use, i.e. intuition and our guardian spirits. The cover in the Rider Waite Chariot card has stars to represent the celestial influences.

  • Armor - Protection of the chest where our heart chakra is and this symbolizes the seeker's need and ability to keep emotion controlled. Look for other cards surrounding the Chariot card to see if there are signs that the seeker is taking things too personally. For example, in a recent reading where the Queen of Swords appeared with the Chariot, it indicated the seeker or someone in the seeker's life is demanding perfection and vulnerable to hurt. The Armor is an indicator that the seeker must act with rationale.

  • Masks on the shoulders of the Charioteer symbolize the roles, duties, and functions we have to perform to achieve a goal. A business person has to hire staff, manage money and market their products and services. On the Rider Waite, we notice the masks are moons that remind us to listen to intuition

  • Horses - opposing forces; masculine (active) energy and feminine (reflective) energy; reason and instinct and the need to balance all of these energies. The seeker must exercise willpower to keep on course and not be swayed off the path of achievement.

  • Sphinx (Rider-Waite) - mysterious and natural forces i.e. masculine (active) and feminine (reflective) forces; also, instinct and rational actions must be in balance to achieve results.

  • Mallet, gavel, and sword- held by the charioteer symbolize that it is willpower and focus that overcomes energies that may throw the seeker off course.

  • Direction- In the Deviant Moon Tarot, the direction is right and this indicates that whatever happened in the past, the seeker is moving forward using the lessons learned.

  • Wings - (Rider-Waite) wings of the crest that is on the chariot indicate the ability of the seeker to "pilot" themselves on their journey. Ability to navigate obstacles.

  • Crest or Coat of Arms - represents status earned

The Chariot indicates the lesson that we learn to master: rise above conflict, pettiness, and

The Chariot from the Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene

other obstacles are thrown in the way. The seeker may come in contact with the fierceness and aggression in another person. If this is the case then it should be understood that the conflict or clash can not be ignored. The seeker must face this conflict and learn the lesson of staying focused on goals and the journey. We must learn to handle the aspects of our personality that come out in struggles. We have learned a few lessons and now we can move forward and take control of our journey.

If the seeker's question is about love and the Chariot card appears in the spread,

  • There are notes of control in the relationship. It may indicate that the seeker must resist the urge to push their way in a relationship. Patience is required.

  • A couple may be together in a struggle. For example: having the wedding they want and not being swayed by others to have a say.

  • Another person is persistent with the seeker and the attention is not wanted. The seeker must speak up clearly

  • The seeker may want to run away from a relationship because it has become so intense. The seeker is advised to speak up about their wants and needs in the relationship

When the question is about money;

Le Chariot - From the Conver Ben-Dov Marseille Tarot Deck

  • Be careful of those "get rich quick" schemes. The seeker must stop their impulse to dive into these schemes. If it appears to be too good to be true then chances are it is too good to be true.

  • A goal may be a big purchase such as a house or new car. Before you go ahead and make that big purchase check your bank account. Make sure your bills are paid and this purchase can work with your budget. Living within your means should be reminded.

When the question is about the career:

  • There is a reminder that the seeker "shouldn't sweat the small stuff". If someone is bickering about their success, just let it go because it's such a minor thing. Stay on course.

  • Be careful about pushing your ideas at the workplace if it seems no one is listening. This is a red flag to have more patience and maybe your timing is off. Wait until the right project comes along or when the supervisor/manager is keen to listen.

Il Carro from the Classic Tarot - Lo Scarabo

When the question is about health:

  • .Only you can improve your health. It's a good time to take care and train your body for physical fitness goals such as a race.

  • On the other hand, be careful about over-exertion. Injuries are signs that you are working your body out too hard. Reassess the fitness schedule and nutrition. Avoid the urge to just push through the pain.

The Chariot from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza


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El Carro from the Spanish Tarot - Fournier


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