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VII The Chariot - Card Meanings and Symbols

Le Chariot from the Tarot de Marseille Vintage-Tarot cards Dark Forest

Overcoming Obstacles with Confidence

The Seventh major arcana card is the Chariot, after the Lovers card (see: The character we see in the card is regally dressed and warrior-like. Usually, the character in the Chariot card is a male and even though we are not sure which direction he is going, we get the sense he is moving fast. The energy of this card is active. The wheels on the chariot are going in opposite directions, but the driver of the chariot is looking forward.

So we have to wonder if the motion is steady or if is he all over the place. If we think the direction is not steady, it may indicate recklessness in the reading.

The Chariot -Lindel Barker Revell, Penny Lovelock

The Charioteer indicates:

  • Determination

  • Action to be taken by the seeker (questioner)

  • A trip/adventure

  • A competition

  • Set a goal with determination to achieve it

  • Victory